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About Us

About Merlin Capital Group Inc.

Merlin Capital Group Inc. (“MCG”), is an alternative investment firm for investors, brokers, and businesses in the life settlement industry. We specialize in matching the right investment opportunities to our customer’s unique needs.

With over 35 years of experience in the life settlement, insurance and finance industries, MCG has developed a vast network of vetted providers, which includes access to certain investment banks and other financial institutions that it may utilize, when appropriate, to develop structure for supporting transactions in the Insurance-Linked asset markets, to create unique portfolios that fit the needs of our clients.

Whether that need is a “buy and hold” investment, the security for a loan, or the collateral on a bond or a charitable gift, MCG understands the goals underlying each transaction and will dedicate all resources necessary to assure those goals are met.

Our business philosophy

Merlin Capital Group Inc., is your knowledgeable contact during the sale, aggregation or acquisition of life settlements. We have the connections and know-how needed to structure unique investment options. We provide real-time knowledge on: the changing marketplace, current and proposed government legislation, and trends within the industry.

Our Mission: It is the mission of Merlin Capital Group Inc., to provide personalized service to our customers with integrity, knowledge and understanding. We believe in professionalism, total transparency, open communication and “outside-the-box” financial solutions.