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Offer an uncorrelated, alternative asset that will help assure portfolio growth and build investor peace of mind.

Life settlements are the fastest growing alternative asset class in the market. Their uncorrelated nature, coupled with high potential returns have attracted some of the world’s largest financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Berkshire Hathaway, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse to name a few. The life settlement market has grown to an estimated $20 Billion industry and is predicted by Bernstein Research to develop into a $160 Billion market in a few short years.The benefits of life settlements make them a sound, viable option for adding diversification to your clients’ portfolios.

Look to Merlin Capital Group Inc., for a variety of life settlement-related financial services including:

  • Contract Evaluation & Due Diligence
  • Carrier Document Evaluation
  • Portfolio Design, Construction & Valuation
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies & Analysis
  • Turnkey Contract & Portfolio Management & Administration
  • Mortality Tracking


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