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Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents

Life insurance consultants and agents have already discovered the rewards of life settlement transactions they introduce to their clients. Benefits to the life insurance consultant and agent include:

  • Continued tail commissions on the existing policies
  • Conversion commissions earned on converted term policies
  • Fees earned for investing the client’s funds in annuities or other investments.
  • Added ability to act in the best interest of your client by advising them about the possibility of selling a life insurance policy for more than cash surrender value or selling a term policy instead of letting it lapse.

The secondary market for life insurance is not only keeping existing policies in force, but Life Settlements are making available additional client funds that double sided mattress brands them, in many cases, to review and update their current insurance needs with new policy purchases.

Qualifying clients.
The following are common questions to ask your clients prior to determining whether a life settlement may be a viable option:

  • When was the last time you had your life insurance policy reviewed?
  • Does the need for the policy still exist?
  • Have you had any significant life changing events?
  • Is your policy in danger of lapsing or being surrendered?


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