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Life Settlements: An alternative asset designed to
help you build a balanced, structurally sound financial plan.

Good advice along with an understanding and adherence to the principles of a well-thought-out strategy are critical to an investor’s long-term success. Exposure to different asset classes in an investment portfolio is a solid defense against the ebbs and flows of market forces.

The acquisition of life settlements can provide investors with a guaranteed return of capital to mitigate risk associated with raising capital for new or existing ventures. Life settlements provide a definitive financial instrument with the certainty of repayment from the highest rated insurance companies in the U.S. Life settlements can also represent a strong stand-alone investment opportunity for qualified institutional clients or private investors.

Qualified purchasers can participate in the life settlement market through different vehicles, including custom managed accounts, funds, structured note offerings and portfolio transactions, all of which can accommodate a wide range of purchase criteria.

For example, purchasers that want to implement their own purchase programs (typically with larger amounts of capital) using a customized set of purchase criteria, can establish a custom managed account.

Alternatively, purchasers with smaller amounts of capital to invest, may prefer to invest through a fund where they can achieve their diversification objectives by pooling with other purchasers.

Yield on Life Settlements

Yield is calculated from the difference between the cost basis (including all fees and costs associated with the acquisition of the policy including the amount reserved for the payment of premiums during the forecast life expectancy of the Insured) and the amount paid out to the beneficiaries of the policy upon the death of the Insured.

An anticipated annualized return on investment may be derived from this yield by adjusting it for the expected holding period of the investment. Because the key factor affecting yield is time, rather than economic conditions, such as fluctuations in the stock and bond market, or interest rates and business cycles, superior returns may be realized with a low risk to the initial capital.

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