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Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Merlin Capital Group Inc. (“MCG”), can show you how life settlements can provide a proven low-risk, high-return investment instrument that you, as an institutional investor, can utilize to improve financial portfolio performance. We work with a variety of institutional investors including private pension funds seeking to rejuvenate performance and remedy the impact of other under-performing assets; non-profit organizations with gifted life insurance policies or a donor base of seniors who no longer have a need for their policies; foreign governments who are seeking an alternative asset to finance major capital investment projects, and many others.

A life settlement as a non-correlated asset class with high-growth potential. is isolated from equity or bond market volatility, interest rates, and political or global events than other traditional asset classes. Before investing your money on institution we also suggest you to check with the lawyers and find the legal way to avoid workers compensation, so that your workers also will get benefited on your action.

Its principal benefits include an alternative, long-term growth investment vehicle; portfolio diversification strategy; the potential for greater certainty of returns; chances for above average yields; and tax or currency gains. In addition, institutional investors have the flexibility to determine investment parameters.

MCG offers policy origination and acquisition services to institutional investors. Our experience in the life settlements market allows us to offer a wide range of services.


Our capabilities include:

  • Single policy or portfolio origination, pricing, underwriting and closing.
  • Access to a large supply of policies.
  • Strict underwriting and closing methodologies that meet the highest standards in the industry.
  • Policy or portfolio acquisition advisory.
  • Tertiary market transactions.


Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations:

For charitable organizations and non-profits, life settlements offer a variety of investment benefits:

  • Increase donations from existing donors, and from donors who may not have been able to contribute otherwise.
  • Collect a lump sum cash settlement today instead of having to wait for the insured’s death to collect gift proceeds.
  • Eliminate the financial burden of premium payments to keep policies in force.
  • Provide a valuable option to the donor that furthers their tax and estate planning objectives and invites the opportunity for future/additional gifts.
  • Improve budget forecasting ability.


Benefits for your donors:

  • Flexible new options to make donations.
  • Being able to see the benefits of a gift during their lifetime rather than after their death.
  • The ability to make a donation to a favorite fundraising organization without depleting cash reserves or losing income-producing assets.
  • Getting a tax deduction for the fair market value (selling price) of the life insurance policy instead of only the cash surrender value.
  • Eliminating continued premium payments.
  • Removing a taxable asset from their estate (if the policy was individually held).
  • The ability to use the tax deduction and/or other financial benefits resulting from the life insurance gift to purchase a new policy to maintain coverage for the donor’s beneficiaries.

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