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Who Qualifies

Qualifying for Life Settlements

    Are you the policy holder, or a family member?

    Policy Holder (Self)Wife of Policy HolderHusband of Policy HolderChild of Policy HolderFriend of Policy Holder

    What is your age or the age of the policy holder? If a survivorship policy, the age of the youngest insured. *

    64 years or younger65-72 years73-87 years88 years or older

    Gender of insured? If a survivorship policy, choose female.*


    Health of the insured? If a survivorship policy, answer for the youngest insured. *

    Healthy and activeSlight medical issuesModerate medical issues (controllable)Major medical issuesNot sure

    What type of policy do you own?*

    Term LifeConvertible Term LifeSurvivorship Universal LifeSurvivorship Whole LifeWhole LifeUniversal LifeNot sure

    What is the cash surrender value? *

    10% of the death benefit or greater5%-10% of the death benefitUp to 5% of the death benefitNot Sure

    What are the outstanding loans against the policy?

    No loans against the policyUp to 50% of the death benefitGreater than 50% of the death benefitNot sure

    What is the annual premium as a percentage of the death benefit?*

    5% or greater4%3%Up to 2%Not sure

    What is the death benefit?*

    Up to $250,000$250,000 - $5 million$5 million or greater