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What Policy Holders who sold their life insurance policies are saying about Life Settlements.

“We were very grateful to our financial advisor for alerting us to the whole idea and benefits of Life Settlements. Fortunately, our children are all financially stable and won’t really need the proceeds from our life policies. We decided to use the cash from our Life Settlements to enjoy some of the things we thought would be out of reach during our retirement years. What a pleasant surprise!”~ Bill and Eliza G.

“We thought we had planned well for our retirement years, but we just weren’t prepared for the rising costs of medical services and long-term care. The cash from our Life Settlement makes it possible for us to maintain the quality of life we have always enjoyed.”~ Linda and Glenn B.

“ Life is so unpredictable sometimes. When the company I worked for my entire career was purchased, I was laid off. As part of my severance, they gave me the key man life insurance policy that the company had initiated on me years ago. I couldn’t afford the premiums any longer, but when our advisor explained how a Life Settlement works, we sold the policy. The cash we received gave us what we needed to still reach our financial retirement goals.”~ David and Marsha M.

“My wife passed away recently and I was burdened with quite a bit of insurance premiums. My accountant suggested that I consider a Life Settlement, which allowed me to sell the existing policies and use the money to buy a new, more affordable policy with much smaller premiums and a larger death benefit.”~ Kevin R.

“I’m a 74-year-old widow without any living children. I no longer had a need for my policy and I enjoy traveling. The woman who manages my finances was familiar with Life Settlements and referred me to broker who was able to sell my insurance policy for an amount more than 3 times the policy’s cash surrender value! I now have long-term care in place should I need it, with plenty left over to travel to many of places I had hoped.”~ Lauren H.